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To further extend the opportunities for skaters in our club, Ice Storm our new Senior team formed in October 2007.

Ice Storm are the Queensland Synchronizes Skating Clubs Competition Champions.

Senior teams who have represented our Club at State, National and International events –

  • Corps de Patineurs was formed in September 1983. This was the start in Queensland of Synchronized Skating or Precision as it was then called.
  • They competed in the first Synchronized Skating event at Nationals in 1984.
  • The Corps placed 1st at Nationals from 1984-1991 and also in 1993 and they were silver medallists in 1992.
  • In 1985 Australia was the first non-North American country to enter a Synchronized Skating Competition outside their own country. The team from Australia was the “Corps de Patineurs” and they competed in 1985 in the Mid-American Precision Competition, Fraser, Michigan, USA and the Canadian International Precision Competition London, Ontario, CANADA.
  • They won medals representing Australia at International Competitions in the USA and Canada in 1985 and 1988 and also the Gold medal at the 1991 New Zealand National Championships.
  • After regaining the Australian Championships in 1993 most of the team left, so the club did not have a Senior team in 1994.
  • The team reformed with mostly new team members to win silver medals at the Australian Championships from 1995-1998.
  • In 1997 Corps de Patineurs represented Australia at the Spring Cup in Milan, Italy and the French Cup in Rouen, France.
  • The team’s name was changed to Synergy and under this new name they were successful in representing our club to win Nationals in1999 which gained them the nomination to represent Australia at the first World Championships for Synchronized Skating in Minneapolis USA in 2000 for which we are very proud.
  • After retaining their National title in 2000 this team then left our club and we have not had a Senior team again until Ice Storm was formed.

For further information: regarding the possibility of joining Ice Storm - Contact Tricia on 0412 739 620.

For your further enjoyment we invite you to tour Through the Years of Ice Storm & our other senior teams.